II have been involved in the boating world for about twenty years. I own a 30 feet and I regularly sail between the Glénan and La Rochelle. I also spend some of my free time on cruising catamarans in Le Marin (Martinique)

I am an engineer (University of Technology of Compiègne), holder of an Expert in Marine Insurance (EAM) certification, a legal Certificate, a Specific Qualifications in Metrology/Glossmetry (CQS) Certificate and a Canadian Marine Surveyor Diploma (IEMC). The validity of the certifications and diplomas can be checked here:

AFNOR ACX 50.827, this standard defines the context in which survey missions must be carried out. « It defines the deontology of pleasure craft surveyors, their missions, the key stages of the pleasure craft survey service. It also presents the rules of good practice concerning the survey visit and the content of the survey report. The firm obviously adheres to this standard, a guarantee of seriousness for its clients.

The above-mentioned standard also imposes the permanent upgrading of the surveyor. The regulatory aspects, technological innovations in ships and the surveyor’s tools evolve very regularly. I must therefore keep a watch on these subjects, measure developments and follow the training necessary to maintain my skills in order to offer the best service to my clients.

When I run a survey of a boat:
I think above all of the safety of the couple with young children who are going to be on board
I always bear in mind that it is my client’s assets that I must value
I must allow my client to have remote access to all the documents relating to his vessel in a secure digital safe


Neptune Marine Surveying & Consulting is based in Nantes and carries out assignments in mainland France and Martinique (Caribbean). The firm undertakes to call you back following a request for contact within 24 hours and to send you a quote within 48 hours of this call.

The firm offers its services for polyester boats up to 24 metres, catamarans & monohulls (sails), motorboats. Survey reports can be provided in English, this language is spoken by the expert.

In order to guarantee its clients, the firm has a Professional Civil Liability policy to guarantee its survey services. The company (EURL) ERIC BARON CONSEIL, which operates the Neptune Marine Surveying & Consulting brand, holds insurance policy no. 10912844004 taken out with AXA France IARD.


  • Pre-purchase survey (without technical preparation)

  • Survey before contracting insurance policy

  • Controversial survey following a dispute

  • BatOBilan

  • Pre-qualification diagnosis

  • Special verification (for hirers in France)

  • Underside check plan (specifics tools)

  • Advice and support

  • Fluid analysis ex: oil (option)


The conditions of execution of the services are as follows:
  • For each mission, a contract and a mission order are established and the general sales conditions are associated with them. The documents must be returned duly signed and accompanied by a payment of 30%. This is a prerequisite for the execution of the assignment.

  • The balance is requested at the end of the expertise and before the report is sent.

Travel expenses

(Real distance invoiced)

Distance G/R  (km)
50 free
100 50 €
200 150 €
300 250 €
Above 300 on quotation
Price list
Prestations Price excluding tax
Pre-purchase survey (without technical preparation) From 800,00 € for a monohull
Survey before contracting insurance policy From 500,00 € for a monohull
Controversial survey following a dispute On quotation
BatOBilan 30,00 € / linear meter for a monohull
Pre-qualification diagnosis 25,00 € / linear meter for a monohull
Special verification (for hirers in France)  30,00 € / linear meter for a monohull
Underside check plan (specifics tools) 55,00 € / m2 of hull
Advice and support 180€ per hour for advice & 2.85% of the quote for work monitoring
Fluid analysis ex: oil (option) 120,00 €